The treatment of serious conditions such as prostate cancer, acromegaly, etc. requires long term maintenance of drug levels in the body, over several months or weeks. This may require daily or frequent injections, which is cumbersome for the patient. One solution involves use of a depot or reservoir from which drug is released over a long period. Currently available depots have drawbacks that the drug would need a few weeks to reach the desired blood levels.

SPARC has developed a proprietary Depot Technology with biocompatible and biodegradable micron size polymer particles that contains the drug in its matrix, and offer long term systemic delivery of the drug. In this delivery system, the drug is encapsulated within microspheres from where it is gradually released. Our delivery system offers rapid onset and prolonged release over months. Since uniform blood levels are reached, there are no peaks and valleys that are seen with frequent daily doses.

Our product is manufactured in a proprietary, automated manufacturing unit with stringent controls and sophisticated analytical equipment.

Based on this technology, Somatostatin analogue microspheres for one month and three month release are being developed.

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